Tuesday, August 4, 2015

I watched the movie Prometheus again

And I couldn't help notice that the first scene is of a suicide, which reminded me of Socrates and his hemlock. It made me think that maybe death is the beginning of a journey for people in my situation. After all, the alien was very strong looking and proud.
But I know better than that: If you're going to die, it's best to die in exactly the right place and time, so that your body is picked up by the right people. What happens to your body must completely change "where you end up." 
I wonder if people in Seattle, Washington even have a heaven or hell, or a generic super-heaven for scientists and secularists.

The movie was great again, but I couldn't help notice just how difficult life is for the people of the vessel Prometheus, especially Elizabeth Shaw. I've seen that sort of struggle before, with my own life and my experiences in hospitals. It's when your soul is doing one thing, and your body is doing another: there is a lot of pain and damage to your body and nervous system. I feel more suffering is in my future, but I'm doing my best to prevent it. That's what we have to do to make our "GENE" survive and propagate, and be the best biologist a man can be.
That's a promise.

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