Saturday, August 1, 2015

Proof that heaven is real

Heaven has to be real because of the great idealism and power that some people have in the world.
I believe that not only is heaven possible for spirits, but there are places on the Earth where heaven is true for human bodies as well. The history that we've been told isn't completely true, because the idealism of man is much stronger than you can know. Camelot might be an example of great idealism, but Columbia [in Bioshock] is another one. These places have to be real, and someday I will find them and explore them.

And it follows that if heaven is real, then the Catholic Church might actually be really important and may also truly be following the will of these people, or some sort of God if that were possible.

When I look at all the stars in the night sky, it seems to me that the God of christianity might be real, if he were a number of these stars. But I also think that one of the stars in the night sky is mine [maybe not one visible with the naked eye] and that it belongs to me and my immortal soul.

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