Thursday, August 20, 2015

Proof that I have a soul, and ideas about Microsoft App Store game SOULCRAFT

I was having a vision inside my head, that I was in a conflict with a person. And then I started speaking in a foreign language. I thought the language was a combination of Latin and German. As soon as I heard this, about 35 words that are 0% English and I've never studied before, I decided that there was something mysterious and soul-like inside of me, that proves that I'm unique and I have a soul that the common people of Earth do not. The words were very violent, like a genius from the USA who went to Germany and learned a private language and spoke those words in my vision. The vision was also about rich people, and my language was about me being superior to rich people with my language and my education. I was optimistic when I realized this, and that it's still inside of me!

Today, I was thinking that a person like me, who might be considered an entire existence inside one single body, with a camera-like soul peering out from my eyes: it's impossible for my life to be unimportant. If I live my life alone and poor, then there must be serious consequences for other parts of the world, in the grand scheme of things. I've heard that in the USA, the life is all like a big party. The fact that I'm not having any party at all means that there must be consequences somehow, and the other parts of my existence are punishing people or making trouble.
Now as for all of the people I have contacted and not discovered the truth: I can only think that there must be a law or a great ordered conspiracy to deprive my people of the right to see the real world.

Now onto SOULCRAFT, a game in the Windows 8.1 app store:
The character you play is an angel, and the game gradually tells you small things about souls.
I've decided that the game company is probably telling the truth about souls, in some small details, and the difficulty of the comprehension of the soul truth is angel quality. We're angels because all the truth is being covered up, and we can only find the truth after a long time discovering it and trial and error, and in the end we may only find the truth inside and never know all of the truth.

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