Friday, August 21, 2015

Proof that there is life after death, and proof that my soul is in control of thousands or more people

I feel 85% certain of this. Double sine.

The world is kind of like a tribal system, that developed chiefs and shamans and then grew up and developed new things. Early in the history of our civilization is when the issues of life and death were resolved, and the world could not continue onto bigger things until these were resolved.

As cities and counties grew, the issues of life and death were less important and the world grew with certainty that people who died went somewhere good, and their power of existence was consolidated.

Now that we are a nation that is in control of a continent, we are so far above the issues of life and death that we have systems and ideas far above that of life and death. It might even be that the issues of life and death were entirely decided in the days of Zeus and Jupiter. The fact that the planets were named after Roman Gods, and I feel that I am related to them by soul, is evidence that our people are not in any way marginalized and we will inherit the Earth.
With the advent of NATO and the United Nations, it could be said that the world is running so well, and the life and death of our people is going so well, that supremely large concepts and organizations are existing in the world. The flight network, and the trade network all across the world are proof that the World society is going great and life is supreme.

I feel strongly certain that my soul is destined and protected by the world, and that I am completely important. My soul must be in possession of millions of human bodies, and thousands of high-performing people in the world society. Someday, I will reconcile these people and make myself an Empire of all the things which glorify me.

It might be true that the most important things for my life are 1) nutrition 2) protection of my body and brain 3) to live where nobody who wants to hurt me knows where I live and 4) to make sure my body is entrusted to like-minded people when I die, to preserve my white matter and all the product that I've made in my nervous system and brain.

Again, I feel completely certain that our civilization could not exist, or have advanced so far unless the issues of life, death, heaven, and personal soul empire were already all advanced and working well. 

I am 85% certain of this. Signed, Minenstutushia-nin. Secrecy and certainty.

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