Sunday, August 9, 2015

Technology of biology and human existence

If we are making computers now at 22nm fabrication tech, and there has been a massive drive to make it higher tech, then what's not to say that biology tech has also done the same?

Of all the countries in the world, there must be some that have no restrictions on biological technology.
Of all the history of the Earth, there must be absurdly high advances in biological technology.
Of all the famous people in the world, and the people in power, they must have benefited from this biological technology.

Things that can be done to increase biological technology:
-miniaturization of technology to operate on biology, and to make life constituents smaller.
-removing of human brains and separating them into its base parts and base elements.
-Experimentation on birth and what things can be done to increase the birth quality.

It seems to me that the absence of all of these, in the common world, is evidence of 2 things:
-The existence of a God, who does not allow biological technology
-Very strong government, even international government, which does not allow that sort of biological technology.

Of course, I disagree. The vast majority of humans do not have souls, and there's no reason why we cannot experiment on human beings to discover the secret of immortality and greater, healthier life.

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