Thursday, August 20, 2015

The nervous system and souls

I think the soul may be directly interacting with the human nervous system.
Otherwise, all bodies central is interacting with the nervous system, and those of us with privileged souls are interacting with it after interacting with the core of the human body.

I've been wondering for a while now, if feeling pain is actually good. It seems that is what the nerves do best, is send feelings of pain into me and test my limits, of what I can feel and what happens when I feel pain.
Every time I feel pain, I feel like I'm losing something. Similar to losing money or possessions, or similar to losing parts of your body from tissue destruction. To me, pain is the sign that I'm losing something precious to me: that is why the pain is unendurable. This seems to be contradictory to what I wrote before, about pain being good. 
However, the full workings of the nervous system and the soul require a lot more analysis and research, in addition to my experiences in my body, with a partially awoken soul.

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