Saturday, August 29, 2015

Zombies and my religion about souls

I've realized several times now that the trend in Zombies in fiction is actually very interesting to me. 
My religion about souls is about how few souls there are, and what a human being is if he doesn't have a soul, but he lives an entire lifetime and makes children.
The idea of zombie apocalypse: that all people become zombies except a few survivors, is relatively similar. It says that the vast amount of people do not have souls, ie they can become zombies, and only a few survivors exist - those with souls.

I wonder if there is a zombie-movie forum or someplace on the World Wide Web that I can find people with similar views to me, who also believe that survivors are soul people. 
I also wonder if the Hollywood Studios which make these movies are aware of everything, and the zombie fiction movement is friendly to me. Who else is aware of everything - the truth? How many zombie fiction fans are aware of the truth, in excess of what I have hypothesized? How many zombie moviemakers are aware of the total truth, of souls and human beings and most importantly: what I am?
In addition, I am thinking that the entire soul does not reside in a body, but instead has many qualities and quantities, and may even be part of the Earth or part of human society.

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