Monday, September 14, 2015

I think I discovered something important today

I think I discovered something important today

-God or Gods are spirit, which is beneath organic life
-My soul in the world, my entitlement is spirit and it's hard to communicate with.
-Spirits are really important, but probably not as important as human life in physical bodies
-There are probably higher states of living than human bodies, perhaps involving much larger nervous systems and thinking powers than we have.
-It's not God that's important, it's Jesus Christ, who was a man and a human body.

-There may be places in the world that are my soul: that I'm born of, but I don't know what they look like or what they're called.
-In my human body that I've altered, my left hand is my spirit hand and my right hand is my primate hand.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

The soul is completely real, but what about God?

I was thinking yesterday while watching a nature show about super-fast predators: all of the animals have the same general shape. They're all built the same way, with legs, a body, and a head. That's very weird, that all animals have the same shape. Real life must be very different from that: life from the soul's point of view. There must be bodies with 3 legs, bodies with super-large heads, and bodies without livers and kidneys.

I was looking at my email and I have a bunch of meetups from religious groups, most of which are agnostic or atheistic. I realized that my disbelief in a God has put me into weird groups: which deny the existence of a soul at all.

The truth is, my brain is functional, and as I learn I gain more experience of what is real and what is not real. And it is obvious that in a nation of 300+ million people, less than a million of them are truly important to the nation. And the vast majority of those have souls, which grant them power and abilities far in excess of the human body.
My religion isn't agnostic, it's just exclusive. I firmly believe that the vast majority of christians have no real basis for their religion: they've never actually met a man called God and agreed to follow his commandments and believe in him, in exchange for heaven or whatever else. In fact, I think they don't even approach prayer from an intelligent standpoint. It might just be that the christians worshipping God is just a way for them to discover the soul inside of themselves.

My belief is God is that he may be something non-human and non-personable: like a giant mass of dead wishes, or the souls of all people who are not alive. Or he may be a nature-force, like the laws of life or the laws of the Earth and the galaxy. He certainly is not, however, a very successful human who sits at the top of all souls and secures the heaven for all people. So far as I know, there is no single human who is so successful that all souls worship him.

The truth is, I desperately need to find something that is God, or some other person who knows everything about the soul. It's pretty much the only thing I believe in now, and my only future path.
In the past 6 years I've been researching the soul. In the past 3 years, I've been desperately searching for somebody similar to me, who wants to discover the soul but not follow an immature peasant religion.

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Over the night

Yesterday I had been doing a lot of soul-searching, and it finally had an effect.
I woke up around 2AM and I had a major realization: that every single part of my body has an effect of idiocy placed on it. It's almost like I don't have a soul at all. Every part of my brain is dampened, and the things I'm thinking about are reduced in intelligence and scope. In addition, my ability to work a job and my energy has been greatly reduced. It truly seems like something of major importance has happened to me, and my entire soul is balanced on a point of idiocy: that is the highest thing that I can accomplish.
During this time, I was focusing on a fence and the individual fence boards and I realized that if I tried to will my mind to become a fence, I could fill in the gaps between them with some sort of gooey liquid. This felt good inside my brain.

After I fell asleep again, I woke up with an amazing and vivid dream. I dreamt that I had met Bill Gates and he was a wonderful and democratic person. He told me that he had bought me off of ebay, and he said that he was going to buy all of me and make my life right again. When I woke up, I wondered if perhaps the dream were real and if it was a special dream that doesn't come around very often. It certainly was an enjoyable dream.

So I must conclude that there is a soul-like or major malady on me, and the result is reduced intelligence and idiocy. I feel like even if I do major thinking, I won't find the answer to what I'm searching for and I won't be able to think correctly.

Saturday, September 5, 2015

I think I've discovered something really important about religion

I just got done watching "Killing Jesus" on Fox News. I caught about half of it.

Religion is about death, but not about the afterlife. It might be that DNA is the most important thing, and there simply is no afterlife. But the DNA must keep going, kind of like in that anime Juoussei.

I think that religion is about taking dead people: for example, the white matter in the brain, and the life particles in the body, and distributing them to people inside a temple. The idea is that the white matter is the basis of intelligence, and by taking it into your body, you will become more intelligent in life.
The idea of a temple or church being used to distribute mana or spirit is something I'm very fixated on. It seems that if a church or temple were real, and the members of that temple were valued, then the distribution of mana and spirit would be something that has to be going on.
I simply can't get this out of my mind, and I won't forget it. Temples distribute mana and spirit, and much of that comes from dead people. In addition, there are specialty diets and supplements that can be designed to increase the creation of white matter in the brain and nervous system health.

Now does the christian church distribute mana and spirit? I don't think so. Partly that must be because they aren't so serious anymore. They just don't value their churchgoers that much. Part of it may be that the christian religion
It might also be that the christian church does distribute spirit, but they do it with their candles or they do it invisibly.

While it might be true that life is just an infinite repetition of DNA continuation, but I know that my body and soul isn't bound to that. I know that I have things inside of me that are superbiological, and are higher than DNA.
Today I've made a lot of progress in "The Talos Principle" and this has contributed towards my thinking about religion. 
IS there tyranny in the world? And what happens as a result of tyranny? In America, there is tyranny regarding taxes and economics. It seems like everyone wants to make money, and everyone wants to live and make children. But the tyranny isn't used to accomplish a theocratic goal, nor is it used to increase our technology and open up new frontiers.
What the human species does, and what tyranny is used for proves the focus of God. In America, I think the purpose of God is biology and the continuation of DNA.

The soul and movement

This is a hypothesis I just came up with.
If the universe is expanding, then it could be said that the universe is moving. And if the universe is moving, then it could be said that souls are real. Movement is a concept that is firmly fixed on souls, and gives them the energy to exist and the observation to exist.
The details of souls and galaxies are extremely hard for me to explain, because of the major distances between them. But I've always believed that stars and galaxies, who are most easily represented by light, have something to do with souls.

Today, I was thinking about the soul like it were a companion, but that it left the body often. I was wondering if my soul has ever left the body and ever been stranded, unsure how to get back to the body. For example, I got in the car and drove away, but my soul wasn't with me.
Despite this, I think that the soul must be inside the nervous system. However, I can't say that there is a major difference between myself as a 28 year old and myself as a 7 year old. It's true that I have more nerves and far more white matter in my body, but it's also true that there is something inside of me which has existed almost entirely unchanged.

Today I was thinking that a mother provides a child with a body, and a father provides a child with a soul. That isn't proven at all.

Friday, September 4, 2015

Proof of soul again

I was reading a website that was talking about the smell of old books. It said that books are held together by something which is similar to vanillin, and that as it breaks down, it makes the old book smell.
After I read this, I smelled the odor of old books. And then I realized, this is another proof of souls. My soul, which appears to be in the back of my consciousness, was reading this page as I was, and gave me the smell of old books after reading it as a common curtesy.

I had an idea today that, separate from my previous assumptions: every person has some sort of soul: and my soul is 8 times bigger than theirs. But I don't really believe this is true because I think that every soul has an inheritance on the Earth and in the galaxy, and that the ordinary common people do not have any inheritance. Or maybe their inheritance is just 1/8 as big as mine.
This is just an idea.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

The soul is inside the nervous system

A lot of the ideas that go through my head, I have to ask myself if it is true or if it is factual.
But this idea, that the soul is inside of the nervous system, I think is very concrete. It's static and foundational and I thunk I can talk about this idea with other people without any doubt or shame. It may be true that the soul is in the nervous system, and the way to make it most happy is to give it sugar like in my powerade drinks. That seems to energy me.

Many of the ideas that I've had are sensational and very impressive, but are kind of "out there." It's unclear to me if the ideas are true on Earth, or only in the soul world that I can feel and am invested in.

One of the ideas that I have that is "out there" is that the soul is inside of the body, and it has a biological nature, and it can eat and grow larger. This is one of the most important concepts to me: that through spiritual work and perhaps eating, my soul can grow larger and become more intelligent.

I've been reading the Bleach manga for many years. It seems almost like it's giving out the secret of life to all people, and that's ok because we're really late in the civilization of man and because Bleach is a millenium manga: it came out right after the millenium.

The latest villian in Bleach is both a nervous system user, and a hand. He uses his nerves to attack people, and his full body is the left hand of the soul king. I find this far too certain and factual to let go of. I know for certain that hands are very central to true religion, and that the nervous system is also very central to true religion.
And of course, the primary Quincy is a soul copier: he says his power is to "give and share his soul" and to take it back after it's lived in other people for a while. This seems like a dead give-away of religious truth. Meanwhile, the shinigami receive their powers by being given shinigami power from another shinigami. The difference between a Quincy and a shinigami seems to be that the Quincy's are singular and the shinigami are more communal.