Saturday, September 5, 2015

I think I've discovered something really important about religion

I just got done watching "Killing Jesus" on Fox News. I caught about half of it.

Religion is about death, but not about the afterlife. It might be that DNA is the most important thing, and there simply is no afterlife. But the DNA must keep going, kind of like in that anime Juoussei.

I think that religion is about taking dead people: for example, the white matter in the brain, and the life particles in the body, and distributing them to people inside a temple. The idea is that the white matter is the basis of intelligence, and by taking it into your body, you will become more intelligent in life.
The idea of a temple or church being used to distribute mana or spirit is something I'm very fixated on. It seems that if a church or temple were real, and the members of that temple were valued, then the distribution of mana and spirit would be something that has to be going on.
I simply can't get this out of my mind, and I won't forget it. Temples distribute mana and spirit, and much of that comes from dead people. In addition, there are specialty diets and supplements that can be designed to increase the creation of white matter in the brain and nervous system health.

Now does the christian church distribute mana and spirit? I don't think so. Partly that must be because they aren't so serious anymore. They just don't value their churchgoers that much. Part of it may be that the christian religion
It might also be that the christian church does distribute spirit, but they do it with their candles or they do it invisibly.

While it might be true that life is just an infinite repetition of DNA continuation, but I know that my body and soul isn't bound to that. I know that I have things inside of me that are superbiological, and are higher than DNA.
Today I've made a lot of progress in "The Talos Principle" and this has contributed towards my thinking about religion. 
IS there tyranny in the world? And what happens as a result of tyranny? In America, there is tyranny regarding taxes and economics. It seems like everyone wants to make money, and everyone wants to live and make children. But the tyranny isn't used to accomplish a theocratic goal, nor is it used to increase our technology and open up new frontiers.
What the human species does, and what tyranny is used for proves the focus of God. In America, I think the purpose of God is biology and the continuation of DNA.

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