Friday, September 4, 2015

Proof of soul again

I was reading a website that was talking about the smell of old books. It said that books are held together by something which is similar to vanillin, and that as it breaks down, it makes the old book smell.
After I read this, I smelled the odor of old books. And then I realized, this is another proof of souls. My soul, which appears to be in the back of my consciousness, was reading this page as I was, and gave me the smell of old books after reading it as a common curtesy.

I had an idea today that, separate from my previous assumptions: every person has some sort of soul: and my soul is 8 times bigger than theirs. But I don't really believe this is true because I think that every soul has an inheritance on the Earth and in the galaxy, and that the ordinary common people do not have any inheritance. Or maybe their inheritance is just 1/8 as big as mine.
This is just an idea.

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