Saturday, September 5, 2015

The soul and movement

This is a hypothesis I just came up with.
If the universe is expanding, then it could be said that the universe is moving. And if the universe is moving, then it could be said that souls are real. Movement is a concept that is firmly fixed on souls, and gives them the energy to exist and the observation to exist.
The details of souls and galaxies are extremely hard for me to explain, because of the major distances between them. But I've always believed that stars and galaxies, who are most easily represented by light, have something to do with souls.

Today, I was thinking about the soul like it were a companion, but that it left the body often. I was wondering if my soul has ever left the body and ever been stranded, unsure how to get back to the body. For example, I got in the car and drove away, but my soul wasn't with me.
Despite this, I think that the soul must be inside the nervous system. However, I can't say that there is a major difference between myself as a 28 year old and myself as a 7 year old. It's true that I have more nerves and far more white matter in my body, but it's also true that there is something inside of me which has existed almost entirely unchanged.

Today I was thinking that a mother provides a child with a body, and a father provides a child with a soul. That isn't proven at all.

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