Thursday, September 3, 2015

The soul is inside the nervous system

A lot of the ideas that go through my head, I have to ask myself if it is true or if it is factual.
But this idea, that the soul is inside of the nervous system, I think is very concrete. It's static and foundational and I thunk I can talk about this idea with other people without any doubt or shame. It may be true that the soul is in the nervous system, and the way to make it most happy is to give it sugar like in my powerade drinks. That seems to energy me.

Many of the ideas that I've had are sensational and very impressive, but are kind of "out there." It's unclear to me if the ideas are true on Earth, or only in the soul world that I can feel and am invested in.

One of the ideas that I have that is "out there" is that the soul is inside of the body, and it has a biological nature, and it can eat and grow larger. This is one of the most important concepts to me: that through spiritual work and perhaps eating, my soul can grow larger and become more intelligent.

I've been reading the Bleach manga for many years. It seems almost like it's giving out the secret of life to all people, and that's ok because we're really late in the civilization of man and because Bleach is a millenium manga: it came out right after the millenium.

The latest villian in Bleach is both a nervous system user, and a hand. He uses his nerves to attack people, and his full body is the left hand of the soul king. I find this far too certain and factual to let go of. I know for certain that hands are very central to true religion, and that the nervous system is also very central to true religion.
And of course, the primary Quincy is a soul copier: he says his power is to "give and share his soul" and to take it back after it's lived in other people for a while. This seems like a dead give-away of religious truth. Meanwhile, the shinigami receive their powers by being given shinigami power from another shinigami. The difference between a Quincy and a shinigami seems to be that the Quincy's are singular and the shinigami are more communal.

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