Sunday, November 1, 2015

Galactic Civilizations 3 by Stardock was released on my birthday!

I am very impressed by this. I think Stardock is a supernatural company, and Galactic Civilizations III (3) is a very supernatural, galaxy-like game. I personally feel the galaxy is very soul-like, and it may be that our souls themselves are stars and not something ground on the Earth.

As for other Stardock games, I have a few but I'm complaining. I have Elemental, Fallen Enchantress, and Sins of a Solar Empire. I enjoyed Sins, but both Elemental and Fallen Enchantress are too difficult for me, and I was playing on rookie difficulty. On Fallen Enchantress, I actually used a memory-editing program to alter my money count and I produced a large army, only I found out that the computer had an even larger army. Perhaps his money was linked to my money, or perhaps Stardock is just an insane, evil company. The naming schemes of these games again makes me believe that Stardock is a very important, soul-like company.

I don't play video games anymore. I've recently realized that for most purposes, I am dead. But put another way, I am very much a soul-person right now. My spiritual powers have gone way up, and I feel very much like there are spirits or souls around me. I felt a couple days ago that perhaps I have a guardian angel, though she's never communicated with me. There is one thing that I am certain of: when I nap on my bed during the day, very often another personality is inside of me biting me, scratching me, and trying to eat my body. It's very painful and I become extremely angry when it happens. This sensation isn't fake, although it may be something that only soul-people can experience. It may be something that exists only in my soul, which is the most valuable part of my body.

I've been thinking a lot about William Gates, Jr lately. I've been thinking that he's really my enemy, and he stole all the money that my family could have made from Q-DOS and Seattle Computer Products. It's possible that our family could have been a billionaire family with the revolution of Q-DOS and the IBM deal. Thinking about this makes me believe that our family is very important, we are probably being watched, and that my existence is filled with destiny.

I feel that my life is much larger than my body for 2 different reasons: I am a light/soul and the true nature of the world is that we are like souls that are magnified thousands of times, and expressed on the human species and the Earth. Secondly, I think that the USA government and the computer industry are definitely aware of my family, and that there is hope. Thirdly, I feel that all of my research on souls, and my belief that there are very few of them, has definitely not gone unnoticed and help is probably coming. 

That's all I have to write about now.

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