Monday, November 2, 2015

Playing Royal Revolt 2 again, this time another conspiracy occurred.

The last time I played Royal Revolt 2 on Windows 8.1, the game bugged and I couldn't play anymore. I asked for tech support and 4 months later I got a reply that didn't work: they wanted me to uninstall the game and lose my progress and start over. I think the game is great, but the company is trashy as hell.
When I upgraded to Windows 10, the game worked again.

Here is the conspiracy: my Royal Revolt 2 friend invite code.

"Start the game and get an EPIC reward by entering this friend code: UWLIGCSOL"

I find it very interesting because:
  1. I went to the University of Washington.
  2. I am researching the soul with all of my time (Sol is the name of the sun in Latin).
  3. I began researching the soul when I left the UW: it was what I did when I wanted to figure out how to heal myself and go back to university.
Now considering who I am, and what my destiny is in life: I can't think that this is a coincidence. I can only think that Microsoft is sending me a message. The only part of it that doesn't mean anything to me is LIG, but maybe that is my code-word.

If you read this blog, use the friend code UWLIGSOL and join me on Royal Revolt 2. I'm thinking about making my own alliance for soul-people only. I'm still working on a name for the alliance. My name is Traudna.
Some ideas: (I don't know the letter limit)
  • Few Time Souls
  • Souls of Joshua
  • Royal Soul
  • God inside me
That's it! 

I made an alliance:
--- Unique Souls of Time --
The words "Souls" and "Time" both mean something very significant. Time is by the most dangerous and powerful thing I've ever comprehended. I think of it as a machine world, where machines support and enslave life, similar to the Matrix but different too. I think people who live in TIME have far higher burdens upon them, and must face torture and great discomfort and treachery and pain before they're allowed inside a world of industry and power. It sounds like my future.  

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