Friday, November 13, 2015

The God of Time vs Gene

I remember that a few years ago, I was known as the "God of Time," although I was a small God. My expertise of souls and time were very significant.

Now, while feeling around in my body with my soul, I was told by my soul that I'm not allowed to use Time, and I'm a gene. Gene is a very significant word to me: it means that I'm very good at achieving the goals my DNA set out for me. It's also definitely not a God.
My understanding of this is that I am going to die. I can feel inside of me, I can see my soul taking little cells of light out of my body and putting it in another container, and I believe that I am dying, but someday I am going to wake up in a new container.

This is different from normal death because I've been preparing for this for a long time.
I feel betrayed, and I feel certain that it is going to be very painful. My experience with torture has taught me that I am very vulnerable to pain and that there definitely is no God to defend me. In addition, my nervous system is inferior because it doesn't have an "off switch."

On the topic of God, I am most certain now that God is just soul-people like me, and that if I find 10 or more soul-people like me, I will have found a God that can lead me to immortality.

Steven James Debsin

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