Friday, December 4, 2015

A youtube video from Veritasium that I commented on.

My Comment:
The most important thing to remember is that // You don't want to live forever in your human body! // The body is small, our nervous systems are limited, and of course you could just look at your teeth and wonder how horrible they will get with immortality. The galaxy measures time with planets and Suns: a human life is neither comparable in size to a planet or comparable in time to a planet. I strongly believe that an existence, given to us by the creators inside the Earth and the Milky Way, is far, far larger than what can be held inside a single human body. You might live inside the human body while your existence is outside running an organization, or planning things for you, or confronting people you think are your enemies. It's a sign of intelligence and soul-maturity to look beyond the body and imagine a life and existence without it, or in a world where biology is much more forgiving. Some people never figure out the truth. There are a couple solutions to aging: 1) Take advantage of the infinite bodies produced by the human species and move your soul and nervous system into a new body, preferably one that was of high genetic capability. I am certain that this has successfully been done thousands of times, all throughout the world. 2) Transcend to a higher life, embrace the great mysteries of souls and life, and leave the body behind. You might live in some sort of genie-like apparatus, or perhaps a pseudo-body dominated by a nervous system, or perhaps in a "hive" of other spirits and souls in a heaven or temple that contains heaven. I've thought a lot about this since I was 14 years old and decided I wanted to become an Immortal. I then went to the University of Washington for biology and it became my life purpose: to discover the soul, true life, and master the types of biology that will promote me and my soul. My website is here: and In these blogs, I explore the soul and try to make sense of the supernatural things that happen to me. Thanks for reading!!!

2nd Comment:
I look at those people in the laboratories and I see their education and the words they use. It's obvious that they could teach a class about biology to college students. But there are 2 things that are very wrong and broken about the aging scientists in that video:

1) None of these scientists are so committed to immortality or to longevity to do anything to themselves or their bodies. That's completely stupid: to be in the organization that handles immortality and has the power to do it, but not to do anything to themselves with the longevity treatments available, or the more adventurous paths that could be done with religion and spirit.
2) There is a technology tree to the human body, and I would wager 500,000,000 dollars that the machines in the hospitals and carefully protected medical instrument storage places has the power to completely radicalize the human body, to make it somewhat immortal, and to engage in things closer to a cyborg existence. In addition, the machines can conquer every part of the human body, learn everything about every organ, and to improve these organs and then to destroy the parts of the body that are bad for it.

Don't be a afraid of this: it's just what happens when industry, technology, and medical services come together.
Again, my website is and Thanks for reading!

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