Saturday, December 5, 2015

Something crazy or supernatural just happened!!

I searched for "How many souls are currently on the Earth?"

And the 2nd result (I skipped the 1st one) shows a webpage by

And the post talking about souls is written on my Birthday, May 14th.

I've always been really concerned about the internet and just how smart it is, but it seems the internet is 100% smart today.

I've been asking this question: "How many souls or soul-existences are there on the Earth, including mine?" For nearly 6 years now. It was the question that I began to ask when I left my vanilla biology science education and began to venture into the world of souls, of which I am obviously a part of. I believed that the soul was the source of intelligence, and that I needed to do some work, or heal myself, to be smart enough to finish my degree at the University of Washington, and continue on into something really amazing, like Genome Sciences.

I believe that maybe I have become famous now for this question that I am asking, or that this is just one webpage that deals with this question that was thrown at me by the search engine.

I won't forget this for quite some time!

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