Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Unscientific and blatantly lying Youtube channels.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8NAJIH-BOXM : 
Top 10 Science Experiments That Could Have Ended The World
I have no clue what to do about these abominations. My post here:
This is so unscientific and stupid. I really just want to put barcodes on you people for propagating ignorance and stupidity forever. My favorite one was about the black hole being produced by the LHC and swallowing the Earth, as if that is even 1% possible. It definitely isn't.
I really wish I could live in a world where everything I read was true and educational.
I'm struggling with some really big problems, stemming from the fact that I have no true education about souls or religion, and that my entire life is dependent upon me making a soul breakthrough.
Every day, I have to sift through truth and lies and find the best answer, and it's very difficult.

I know that the truth that exists in my brain isn't completely accurate, for two reasons.
1) I don't talk to lots of people about it, and find a consensus.
2) I don't use the scientific method and experimentally discover the truth about souls and religion.

There is one thing that I am completely certain of, though: 
The soul is far, far more important than the body, and the human beings of the Earth are almost zero percent smart.
And I have put all my money, time, and interest on the soul!

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