Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Souls and bodies, and a Revelation about TIME.

For a few hours today, I've been thinking (and arguing with my ghosts) about how soul I really am, and how much I've rejected the human body in favor of the soul.

Today, I walked across a very important point regarding the body.
It seems to me that Evolutionarily speaking, the point of the body is to make it dense, evolutionarily-strong, and advanced. Most importantly: it's to make a perfect body and then make thousands or millions of copies of it.
It might even be that once a perfect body has been created, it becomes even smaller.

I make several contentions:
  • The purpose of a life and existence is to grow larger, stronger, more advanced, and possibly more peaceful.
  • The soul is very much in contradiction to the human body.
  • The purpose of the body is to become more advanced, smaller, and to make millions of copies of itself.
  • The body isn't relevant to the soul, instead, growing things are relevant to the soul. Like nations.
Maybe that is a stretch. Nations...
Nations are very idealistically motivated. And what is most important about nations is that there seems to be less and less of them as time goes on. The nations get larger and fewer, and that fits the pattern of the soul.

Of course, I am completely certain that the soul is far more important than the body.
My doctrine for the past 6 years has been similar to "there are billions of bodies in the world, and 900,000 or less souls. The soul is obviously far, far more valuable."

My ghosts have ridiculed me for not actually comprenhending what I believe in. If I did, I would make a bunch of different choices. But the truth is, I can't control my head, and I don't have a lot of freedom or willpower in my daily life.
Most of the things that my ghosts have ridiculed me over, I consider to be poverty. Another thing I like to say is "I'm one of the poorest people, in the richest nation in the world. There is tremendous evil in this nation."

One of the things that I am very certain of is that there isn't 1 single God, or a creator of the Universe... but instead many, many Gods. I can become a God some day.


I discovered about 2 days ago something very important and primary to my life and philosophy.
  • TIME is the source. Life is the product.
  • The Universe exists along for billions of years, and life is the purpose of the Universe.
  • Time is a source that is compressed, built, advanced, and then turned into LIFE.
This explains why our lives are so short, but tremendous amount of things happen while we are alive.

Most importantly:
  • For souls such as myself, who feel powerless. We are actually tremendously powerful, and our power is TIME.
I think that it's possible that:
  • Everything is known.
  • The human being is completely understood. 100%.
  • TIME can influence and control human beings on a grand scale, and that is how major changes come to the world, as a result of the will of the soul people, like me.
My thoughts regarding this have cleared up, and become more coherent over time.