Tuesday, February 16, 2016

The demon inside me that torments me.

For over 3 years, I've been tormented inside by some sort of demon, or terror, or evil spirit. I feel it inside of my nervous system or soul. I know that the psychology or mental health industry would never believe that it is real, but instead some problem with my nervous system or my psychology. However, I am certain that it is real and that is has something to do with Gabriel. Gabriel or God has said that it has to do with Satan, but I'm not sure if I believe in him.

What I know is this:
  • It almost always occurs when I am halfway asleep, and my body is resting and not interested in getting up. I lay down in this style and I am active in my brain and soul, but this presence is often there whenever I verge near it's topic or it's part of the brain.
  • It's not the same thing as me. It's survival depends upon eating my soul. No matter how many times I try to kill it, there is always something trying to tell me that he needs to eat my soul and torment me to live.
  • It's directly connected to my hearing. Putting my fingers in my ears or listening to music makes it go away.
  • It snickers and laughs when it tortures me, as if it is revengeful or gains great pleasure from inflicting pain upon me.
  • It has called itself a "gene" and it prefers a body existence while I prefer a soul existence.
  • I feel much better when I eat something, and it seemed to go away when I had something substantial in my stomach.
  • The demon is inside of my mind and I cannot think about certain things or something even speak when the demon is active in my brain. It's almost like a whole part of my brain is being used by this demon and I can't remove the demon.
If I spend time in my head trying to draw a circle, I can no longer complete the circle. The damage to my nervous system is so horrible (and to my soul) that I can only complete the circle 90% before my soul switches to a different nerve and can no longer complete. It could be a nervous miswiring or something much more integral inside of my soul.

I don't think anyone can help me with this problem except an Angel.

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