Sunday, February 28, 2016

The Satan that torments me

Some more deductions about the Satan inside of my brain or soul that torments me.

The language that I use to describe the Satan is almost 100% warlike, as if the person described killed everything I cared about and declared war on me for 1000 years.

The counselor that I go to, obviously being a Plebeian, is 100% incapable of believing that this Satan is real or giving me any ways to prevent and stop it. I am very resentful of him, being so incompetent and not believing in what I tell him.

It must be very involved with brain chemistry and partitioning.
If I think or write about it, it torments me. Even right now, it is torturing me. It seems to be intelligent because what I write changes what it does, and if it tortures me or just torments me. But that's weird, because I should be monopolizing all of my brain and soul with my living and daily functions.

The torture is either 1) coming from or 2) focused on my penis, which is the hardest thing to talk about. A voice in my head described the Satan as "a slug" but I'm unsure how a slug could have power over me or torment me so much. I feel significantly better when I'm not wearing any pants and I can see my penis and air myself out.

I was thinking a couple days ago that psychology may in fact be the center of the soul. And in my case, I am very unfocused on and ignorant of psychology.
This slug or Satan literally has GOD POWER over me, and can kill me, destroy my soul a piece at a time, enslave me, control my words, or torment me however it pleases. This is weird because I don't particularly believe in a supernatural God that has powers over bodies and souls anywhere in the world.
I try to curse this Satan or slug and I immediately forget what I'm doing halfway through. That is the sort of God power that it possesses. It is almost like it is my creator, the thing which put my soul into my child body.

The song "Moonlight Sonata" calms me. That is the sort of mood that I'm in.

I desperately wish there was one person in this nation who believed what I was saying, or could actually help me. I'm thinking brain surgery might help me, but that terrifies me.
A hypothesis on what is wrong:
I became a God, and my strength and courage made me do some very extreme and powerful things. And the God which owns me turned me into a girl, and I am completely terrified and resentful of this girl thing. I am completely focused on being a man. And my manhood is really traumatizing my soul, which is now a girl. That's one possibility. The God who did this to me is WG3.

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