Wednesday, May 18, 2016

I had an amazing dream: Aliens vs Predator.

I've never seen the movie, but I have seen Prometheus.
I woke up around 3:30am, then went back to sleep around 5am. After this, I had the dream.

In my dream, the Predators were machines, kind of like from Terminator (Arnold was not in my dream). And I was an alien. The chief of the aliens was a God like Zeus, and the aliens were cloned all over the world, waiting for them to be destroyed for a clone to take their place. The aliens were very cool, and were genetically engineered. I felt a lot of pleasure that I was an alien, and the things that the aliens did, and the technology they had access to, fascinated me.
This dream was so immersive and cool that I slept 1 hour after my alarm went off.

Friday, May 13, 2016

News Article: Octopuses might be aliens after DNA study

Octopuses might be aliens after DNA study

I find this to be highly entertaining, and certainly plausible.
But if Octopuses are aliens, who "dropped them off" onto the Earth? And is it possible that it was a sentient water-based alien?

Of course, I still believe that the soul is the primary form of true life, not the DNA or the body. After all, bodies seem kind of pointless, as if they are so stupid, or so unsentient, that all of them can be predicted to live their whole lives, reproduce, and die of old age; instead of dying from suicide or an immortality treatment.

I was thinking today that one possible God name would be DeNA. Isn't that cute?