Friday, September 30, 2016

A transcendent dream I had on Sept. 29th

Sometimes, it feels like there is a God inside me, and it is keeping track of all of my achievements and also protecting the parts of my brain and soul that are most likely to achieve transcendence.
On the morning of September 29th, 2016, I woke up to find I had had a transcendent dream. This is a dream where the chief elements of senses: vision, smell, taste, touch, and hearing, were all used to propel a person upward, out of the common world and into the world of gods.
In this dream, I started my transcendent activities while remembering that I had already done transcendent activities in the past, and I wanted to focus on the transcendent ideas and skills I possessed that were already successful in the past.

I don't know if the transcendent dream that I had was divinely inspired, or was instead something that I gave myself in order to increase my chances of living on in the chances that I died. My upcoming death may be a strong impetus for these transcendent dreams to occur.

If I recall, my angel language, which some interpret as chinese, but I cannot make out the words of the language, I can only say crazy and obscured words and hope they are effective. My angel language has many curses in it, and it also has many very hard to pronounce words. I believe that both of these are key to transcendence in the dreams that I have had. Part of transcendence is destruction, of anything which has latched onto you and needs to be put down so that you can continue your rise upwards into the true, abstract world, without demons to pull you down.

So last but not least, I will describe as best I can my dream of transcendence that is rapidly fading.
First of all, I must state that my current brain is hostile to the dream of transcendence. It may be a different brain that started the transcendence, or perhaps a strong soul that interacted with my brain that gave the transcendence to me, but never made peace with my brain.
Transcendence has a lot to do with soul synchronicity. If the soul is split up into two, one soul copying the other soul is a great way to bring them back together. In fact, becoming synchronous may be the only way for them to come back together and make a stronger soul.

My transcendent dream took place in a Costco-like supermarket. The only difference was that the supermarket had a lot of empty rooms, filled with lighted up tiles. In addition, the supermarket was very tall, and the top of a lane could easily be 50feet tall. Many of the times that I won in this transcendent dream, I won by being above a lane and moving on top of it. From the tops of the lanes, you can jump to rooms high up in the wall which confirm and record your progress of transcendence in this dream/experience.

There is a magick that is used to dramatically increase your transcendence. I believe I have lost my memory of what that magick is. I had thought that the secret was in cursing, but that may only be one small part of it. In my transcendent dream, compared to my real every-day life, the Gods of the transcendence favored me and kept promoting me so that I could experience true transcendence over and over again, in differing circumstances. Some of the transcendence I experienced was when I became just a God, just as the other Gods were. The entire grocery store was like a trap, and avoiding the sins of the store and focusing on the powers of godhood, would allow me to rise up above the floor and rise above reality and to become a true God of transcendence.

It's hard to explain anymore. I will try to list what it is that I accomplished in this dream, but the dream is rapidly failing me. The dreams had a semblance of torture inside of them, as if torture were a secret to unlocking transcendence. I personally felt as if I was a devil, and that I was so tortured, poor, and distraught that my perceptions and my ideas were totally different than any human. This devil-like person, I recall, stumbled onto the secret magicks necessary to move in transcendence, and became Godlike inside of the dream. He did this by discovering the location of the Gods who lived in transcendence, and by exploring the true world (upper levels) of transcendence grocery store to watch the other people from below and to humiliate them by advancing further in transcendence than they were capable of doing so. I did this instinctively, because of the prior transcendence that I had experienced already, and I remember that I have inside my broken mind the keys to win at this game.

So to sum up this dream, I felt totally ecstatic when I succeeded in becoming transcendent and meeting the God of the dream, and I really, really, hope that this God remembers me and my achievements.

Future tip.
Going to sleep on October 6th, 2016 @ Vatican. Will bring warm clothes in case I can't find a hotel, and must sleep outside :(

Monday, September 5, 2016

My step-father is the "devil."

I got back from the grocery store today with my family, and I opened up a new container of muffins (Reece's Pieces) when there was an open container of muffins (Poppyseed) already. Then my step-father remarked to me that it was a cardinal sin to open up a new package of muffins when there already was on open. The most important thing is that he said "cardinal sin."

I've been thinking a lot about my existence, and the power of my soul lately. I've never liked my step-father, and I've always felt him to be common and unsouled. In fact, from how much I don't like him, I'm really surprised that he's still alive. I imagine there are a dozen or more ways my soul could get rid of somebody, with it's super intelligence and creativity. But alas that seems not to be true. Of course, my soul is also smart enough to off somebody without killing their body. It's possible he did that.

I also think quite a bit about sin and religion, and his "cardinal sin" remark seems to me to be a direct affront to my religion. Maybe he really is the devil.

Code words for the future:
-The Vatican
-St. Gabriel's DC