Monday, September 5, 2016

My step-father is the "devil."

I got back from the grocery store today with my family, and I opened up a new container of muffins (Reece's Pieces) when there was an open container of muffins (Poppyseed) already. Then my step-father remarked to me that it was a cardinal sin to open up a new package of muffins when there already was on open. The most important thing is that he said "cardinal sin."

I've been thinking a lot about my existence, and the power of my soul lately. I've never liked my step-father, and I've always felt him to be common and unsouled. In fact, from how much I don't like him, I'm really surprised that he's still alive. I imagine there are a dozen or more ways my soul could get rid of somebody, with it's super intelligence and creativity. But alas that seems not to be true. Of course, my soul is also smart enough to off somebody without killing their body. It's possible he did that.

I also think quite a bit about sin and religion, and his "cardinal sin" remark seems to me to be a direct affront to my religion. Maybe he really is the devil.

Code words for the future:
-The Vatican
-St. Gabriel's DC

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