Sunday, October 23, 2016

My mom and cookies

I guess she's a liar.

I bought $10 worth of cookies half off. One was chocolate chip, and the other was M&M candy cookies. The cookies themselves were dry and cheap, but definitely contained gluten.

So I believe so far that my mother has eaten at least 2/3 of all the cookies that I bought just four days ago. So she's probably a liar about her gluten status. I also remember that my mother has had plastic surgery at least once. She had a "tummy tuck" done, which probably removed the stomach fat and folded it over, or so it sounds like.

I wonder if I saved up a couple thousand dollars, if I could get some subsidized liposuction or surgery on my increasing belly size. I would do a lot to be thin again. They'd probably have to get my tummy, my legs, and maybe beneath my chin. I don't think my arm fat needs to be removed. 
While on my trip, I brought a lot of books with me. I actually wanted to be seen with them, so they were the smartest books that I had ever heard of. In addition, I brought my "The Witcher" books with me too, and that's basically all that I read.
I really believe in Geralt of Rivia, and I've had dreams so far of me becoming a witcher, or of meeting the witcher and being his friend. Those dreams are often very fun.
On the subject of the soul, I have learned some true new details about my soul since yesterday. I believe that my soul is considerably larger than the souls of other people, due to my increasing hunger for light (and other people's light). I also remember how I treated my grandpa Rod the first time I met him and stayed a week with him: I called him Rod, not Grandpa, until the very end, when I called him Grandpa. That was a soul condition.
I had a vision that the reason that nobody cares about the letters I send them is that 1) Seattle Computer Products was like 30 years ago, and 2) Because I'm not offering them any money, I'm not getting any response. I think that the vast majority of Americans are still obsessed with the mortal sin of Greed, and have never cared about me in the first place.

That's all for now!

Saturday, October 22, 2016

I'm back.

I guess the last post wasn't my final post after all.

I finally got my desktop computer fixed. Here is the post I wrote about it: start-menu-and-taskbar-dont-work-neither-does-sfc . You'll notice that I didn't get a response from an MS employee, nor did I get any response which fixed it. I actually found the fix myself, and I was mostly just testing a new idea. I'm so glad it works.

While listening to Internet Radio on iTunes on my Macbook Pro, I realized that of all my family, I listen to the hardest music. I listen to metal, rap-metal, and even some death metal too. Of course that's just some of my music, and I also listen to Muse as well. I wonder what this says about me, among my family?

I also had another realization: my brain is basically a soul right now. What I wished for hasn't come true, but my obsession with souls has 1) increased my soul in my body and 2) converted my brain into a soul-controlled organ. I think this is certainly true, and I wonder what will happen if I ever get an MRI done on my brain. Will the doctor know enough about my species to know what my brain is?

Since my last post wasn't my last, I don't know what to do about the future of my life. I just got a letter from a housing place saying that I was on the top of the list, so life might be changing for me soon. If I get my own apartment, I'll probably take a bunch of my stuff with me and throw away what I don't want and put out what I do like. I'll probably also buy more containers to store my stuff.

I had a strong dream for at least 10 hours that I had taken over the body of a certain billionaire, because of our connection. This is because my soul is so strong, and his soul was not strong enough.

Monday, October 3, 2016

"The Selfish Gene" by Richard Dawkins

I've made a LOT of observations about life, trying to understand more about biology (and more pointed answers) than what I was taught in University.

It seems to me that for non-soul life, the gene is the most important thing. They want to make as many copies of themselves as possible, and sometimes become famous and powerful.
Of course, there are people such as me who refuse to make any children, but that's because I consider myself an all-soul life and I've yet to find any woman who also has a soul.

One thing that interests me is that fish do not have hands or claws. Almost all fish I've seen look very similar, and they don't have anything that could ever make them the dominant form of life on the planet. That's just weird.

I am convinced that I am losing very seriously at this game of genes and life, and part of that is because nobody has ever promoted me or taken an interest in my life or wellbeing. For that, we can blame the government or the corporate governments.

Earlier today, I was thinking that all of christianity seems to be nothing when compared to the truth of the gene. I was reading about idols and catholicism, and the article said that Jews did not have an image for their God. It seems to me that they were somewhat truthful, and maybe their God just didn't really exist.

But then I remember that I'm basically in love with an angel, and it feels completely real to me. It also seems like a good thing to dedicate your life to. One thing is certain: it's very likely that life is not nearly as difficult for a gene as it is for a soul. They must have way more patience, more energy, and less frustration than souls experience. That's the only explanation I have for why suicide is so rare, and why animals don't ever seem to kill themselves.

I believe that I am alive, and that my life is centered in my brain, and my perception of the world is very similar to the "standard model," but that my soul is both inside my head (possibly trapped in an artifact) and outside of my head (part of society).

This may be the last blog post I make for a while. I hope people have sympathy while reading my writing that I was a pretty good soul, and had mostly good intentions for my peers and the world. Also, they should know just how challenging this subject is, especially for somebody raised in the USA school system. My soul would say that I know everything about souls already, but I just can't seem to bring it out of me and discuss it, or demonstrate it. I suspect that will change soon enough.