Saturday, October 22, 2016

I'm back.

I guess the last post wasn't my final post after all.

I finally got my desktop computer fixed. Here is the post I wrote about it: start-menu-and-taskbar-dont-work-neither-does-sfc . You'll notice that I didn't get a response from an MS employee, nor did I get any response which fixed it. I actually found the fix myself, and I was mostly just testing a new idea. I'm so glad it works.

While listening to Internet Radio on iTunes on my Macbook Pro, I realized that of all my family, I listen to the hardest music. I listen to metal, rap-metal, and even some death metal too. Of course that's just some of my music, and I also listen to Muse as well. I wonder what this says about me, among my family?

I also had another realization: my brain is basically a soul right now. What I wished for hasn't come true, but my obsession with souls has 1) increased my soul in my body and 2) converted my brain into a soul-controlled organ. I think this is certainly true, and I wonder what will happen if I ever get an MRI done on my brain. Will the doctor know enough about my species to know what my brain is?

Since my last post wasn't my last, I don't know what to do about the future of my life. I just got a letter from a housing place saying that I was on the top of the list, so life might be changing for me soon. If I get my own apartment, I'll probably take a bunch of my stuff with me and throw away what I don't want and put out what I do like. I'll probably also buy more containers to store my stuff.

I had a strong dream for at least 10 hours that I had taken over the body of a certain billionaire, because of our connection. This is because my soul is so strong, and his soul was not strong enough.

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