Sunday, October 23, 2016

My mom and cookies

I guess she's a liar.

I bought $10 worth of cookies half off. One was chocolate chip, and the other was M&M candy cookies. The cookies themselves were dry and cheap, but definitely contained gluten.

So I believe so far that my mother has eaten at least 2/3 of all the cookies that I bought just four days ago. So she's probably a liar about her gluten status. I also remember that my mother has had plastic surgery at least once. She had a "tummy tuck" done, which probably removed the stomach fat and folded it over, or so it sounds like.

I wonder if I saved up a couple thousand dollars, if I could get some subsidized liposuction or surgery on my increasing belly size. I would do a lot to be thin again. They'd probably have to get my tummy, my legs, and maybe beneath my chin. I don't think my arm fat needs to be removed. 
While on my trip, I brought a lot of books with me. I actually wanted to be seen with them, so they were the smartest books that I had ever heard of. In addition, I brought my "The Witcher" books with me too, and that's basically all that I read.
I really believe in Geralt of Rivia, and I've had dreams so far of me becoming a witcher, or of meeting the witcher and being his friend. Those dreams are often very fun.
On the subject of the soul, I have learned some true new details about my soul since yesterday. I believe that my soul is considerably larger than the souls of other people, due to my increasing hunger for light (and other people's light). I also remember how I treated my grandpa Rod the first time I met him and stayed a week with him: I called him Rod, not Grandpa, until the very end, when I called him Grandpa. That was a soul condition.
I had a vision that the reason that nobody cares about the letters I send them is that 1) Seattle Computer Products was like 30 years ago, and 2) Because I'm not offering them any money, I'm not getting any response. I think that the vast majority of Americans are still obsessed with the mortal sin of Greed, and have never cared about me in the first place.

That's all for now!

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