Wednesday, August 16, 2017

I've made some progress in my head,

This is one of those things I absolutely cannot talk about in person to a psychologist or psychotherapist. 
Basically, I believe that some GOD, maybe the God of Christianity, is holding my OVERSOUL, or immortal soul, and torturing me for not being a good christian.
To certain people at the hospital, even christian themed hospitals, this would seem nutty as all hell.
The satanic influence in all of them, to call a biologist super-insane because he believes he has been fighting the christian God for 10+ years, is beyond bigoted or terrible.

I am so mad at Jehovah that I don't differentiate between Jehovah and Satan anymore. I 100% feel that they are the same thing. Jehovah is an abomination.

I have had a lot of time to think about this, but I believe my choices are as follows - these are the choices I've given myself.

  1. Die forever, totally, painlessly. Forever. No reincarnation, no resurrection. But by the same token, no filthy greedy profiting american will ever make money off of my enslaved soul.
  2. Succeed. Overcome the christian God, eat, fire, read, sin, and live forever angel God, and go to heaven.
I must either win hard or die forever. So are the thoughts that are going into me. My belief, if I were to put betting money on it, is that Jehovah will win. He will rape me, he will torture me, he will humiliate me, he will make me a hypocrite, and he will destroy all the sanctity of life for his disgusting christian oath-breaking ideals. I'm predicting Jehova will win, because America is the filthiest nation and the most corrupt nation for nearly 3000 years, and there is nothing stopping an Abomination at the top of society from doing whatever it wants.

~Steven Brock-Chiara // Mindus Amitiel Debsin

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

What I've been working on today: Scripts in AutoHotKey program.

I had a problem.
There was work I needed to do in the Final Fantasy X HD Remaster (Steam), and all I had to do was press C over and over and over again.
The first thing I did was buy a program for $5 called AutoKeyboard. I learned the program, and suffice it to say, it did not work. I'm still deciding if I want my money back.
The second thing I did was install a 2nd program called "Auto Keyboard Presser." It looks a lot smarter than the previous program, but it sure was buggy. There were so many bugs that just getting it to accept some keys to press down took minutes of your time, and then never worked. They also wanted to be paid, but I didn't do so this time.
The third thing I tried was from the professionals: AutoHotKey

It didn't work for quite some time, but after 30 minutes of learning and copying, I discovered a way to make AHK work for Final Fantasy X HD Remastered.
Part of that process was when I downloaded an app called "Send and Click Tool, V4.1." which proved to me that AHK was smart enough to overcome the game's mechanics, if I was smart enough to write down the results and learn to script it. What I actually did was to familiarize myself with it. Then in frustration, I found another AHK user who is playing Final Fantasy X HD Remastered (Steam). I copied their script, and I modified it several times until it would work, and then it finally did work!!!!

Here is my first, non-working script. [the script does work, but the game is protected against it, so it failed.]

SetTimer, PressTheKey, 1500
Send, c

And here is her full script:

#NoEnv SetWorkingDir %A_ScriptDir% CoordMode, Mouse, Window SendMode Input #SingleInstance Force SetTitleMatchMode 2 #WinActivateForce SetControlDelay 1 SetWinDelay 0 SetKeyDelay -1 SetMouseDelay -1 SetBatchLines -1 ; UserGlobalVars F6:: Macro1: Loop { CoordMode, Pixel, Screen PixelSearch, FoundX, FoundY, 1900, 1060, 1920, 1080, 0x646171, 20, Fast RGB If ErrorLevel = 0 { Sleep 20 Send, {c down} Sleep 50 Send, {c up} Sleep 250 } } Return

And here is my final code, after combining both of ours.
[The credit goes to D3Construct]

SetWorkingDir %A_ScriptDir%
CoordMode, Mouse, Window
SendMode Input
#SingleInstance Force
SetTitleMatchMode 2
SetControlDelay 1
SetWinDelay 0
SetKeyDelay -1
SetMouseDelay -1
SetBatchLines -1
; UserGlobalVars
Sleep 20
Send, {c down}
Sleep 50
    Send, {c up}
    Sleep 250
So what does this script do? Most of the top language
is what makes it work inside Final Fantasy X HD
Remastered (Steam). My simple script did in fact work
, but it only worked in documents and programs which
did not prevent basic levels of cheating.My script
allows a person who has near-infinite items on their
FFX HD, to use the C key over and over and over,
usually on something like "Attribute Sphere" or on
"Special Sphere." If you do it by hand, it will take
at least 30 minutes to mostly get all of the other
attributes from the sphere grid. With this script, it
will take 20 minutes, AND you don't have to be there
.To use this, again, you should have near-infinite
amounts of "Attribute Sphere" and "Special Sphere,"
and maybe also "Black Magic Sphere," "White magic
Sphere," and "Skill Sphere".
And I can't finish
without giving credit to the original article that
brought me to AutoHotKey: How-To Geek !!!!I hope
that if anyone has this issue with Final Fantasy X HD
Remastered (Steam) for PC, that I can help them.
My google searches:
Spam a key in a game
Repeat Keystroke in a game
Windows program to spam Enter key
Thank you for reading this, everyone!! ~Mindus Azrael
Debsin, SJB-C

P.S. Everything is broken in blogger today, probably
because I entered code. Or maybe before that. Just
today Google notifed me that they had new templates
to try out. I bet Google messed something big up.
!!! :( I might come back in a day or two and try to
get this fixed. However, if you copy/paste the whole
post, you will probably get everything. Make sure
you paste into word to preserve the URLs. !!

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

The meaning of my existence.

I have been trying to express myself for many years, and mostly failed. The most important thing I've been trying to say is that I am a unique and important soul, trapped in a single 29 year old body. Maybe I've made a mistake by using the word soul, because that takes on a religious meaning. What I should say is that I am an existence, probably one that is known about and is part of our celestial Parthenon, and that I am all alone with no recognition. The worst part of it is that I have so little opportunities, so little money, and so little social interaction.

I was pretty sure in the 21st century, with all our digital connections and how interconnected we are, that we would be beyond this: laughing at souls or existences struggle in poverty, terrified of police and authority, and wondering if I will ever have any opportunities at all.

The way I see it, I have no power, fame, or riches. I have never had the opportunity to decide if I am going to be a moral person, which requires fame, power, or riches. My life is mainly about not having any money, and being treated exactly the same way as billions of plebeians, which is probably an abomination.

The worst part is, I am terrified of authority. The FBI, the USA government, all the rich, powerful, and famous people. I believe that my soul is real and celestial, but that if I take my life seriously and start "declaring war" on all the people who are lying to me, who are oppressing me, and who are laughing as I struggle in the dark, that serious, terrible consequences will befall me: perhaps even the destruction of my immortal soul.

What I have resigned myself to is that I am going to be poor all of my life, and I will never have any opportunities to choose left or right, moral or immoral. However, I am going to save up my resentment and in my immortal life among the stars, I will forever remember my hatred and resentment. This means that someday, thousands of years in the future when I am rich, famous, and powerful, I'll be giving not one single damn about any of the people who oppressed and laughed at me in the year 2017. In fact, I may even be "at war" with them, to the end of Time and our Universe.

This is the only thing that gives my life meaning right now.