Computer games I'm playing

Since I'm having some down-time, I find that most of my free time I'm playing computer video games on the internet. They are listed here, so you can find and ALLY with me.

World of Warcraft - Illidan - Horde [Playing but not raiding]
My Character profile of Tiberiusfury, my level 100 Blood Elf Mage. I am male. I've been playing World of Warcraft since the beginning, and I haven't done any raids since the original game. I tend to level up my character and then quit, and wait for the next expansion. My guild on Illidan is "True Souls of Time" and I am desperate to recruit people, but only those that are similar to me: soul-existences. I also have a level 85 Blood Elf Priest, Tiberiasfury, and a level boosted level 90 Blood Elf Hunter named Tiberiassin. (That's Tiberias.Sin). I have spent about $1100 on this game, over the past 11 years.

Royal Revolt 2 - Tower Defense Money Scam [Trying to win, or quit]
I have been playing this game since November 2014, with about a 9 month break in the middle. This break was because the game wouldn't load for me (it froze) and there was no assistance to fix it. I was told to uninstall the game (and lose my account), after nearly a 4 month wait on tech support. When I upgraded to Windows 10, the game fixed itself and now currently runs fine. The game itself appears to be bugged, because my Treasure Chamber is supposed to protect 400k gold, but it doesn't seem to protect ANY gold. I have been seriously irate with this game almost the whole time I've played it, and I stick around mostly because I think the game is famous and it might be connected to real royalty. My name is Traudna (I have tried to change it: I was denied) and my guild is "Unique Souls of Time." I am the only one. My strategy in this game is heavily offense, and I have spent almost all of my gold on spells, high-level knights, and armor. This appears to be so far a bad strategy. I have spent about $85 on this game. I personally believe the game is really broken, and that it's impossible to play without spending at least $200 on rubies (that's when they're on sale). I plan on quitting if I don't see another ruby sale soon.

Storm of Wars - Sacred Homeland - Strategy MMO [My #1 game right now]
I have been playing this game since November 1, 2015. I found the game on the Windows Store and began to play it because it was listed as the number 1 strategy Indie Game, and had a 4.8 star rating. I played for nearly an hour and the tutorial ended, and I was completely confused on how to play the game. I think it was bugged. The company, Ocous, is in Seattle and I'm very pleased to support them. I think the game is a welcome change to the other games I've played, but I think parts of the game are unfair and stupid, and I don't expect to "win" the game. I'm in Kingdom 3, Earth faction and my name is Tiberiusfury. My guild is "Dark Shadows" [DSG] and I am halfway content with it. We're located in one of the tiles between Earth and Water. I expect to leave. I have strong feelings about the Earth element, and am glad that I joined it. I'm also pleased that the K3 Fortress is controlled by an Earth faction member, and I hope it stays that way. I also made a webpage for this game and my guild. I began it on November 28th, 2015 and it looks like it.

The Talos Principle - First person puzzle game
I've been intrigued with this game since about the first time I read about it. It has a title that just lures me in. When I discovered that it was an intelligent puzzle game, I decided to get it. I bought the game on Steam when it was heavily discounted. I'm about 65% done with the game, and I've unlocked all 3 angels. My decision in the game is to trust Elohim and not to ascend the tower. I tried to take a screenshot of my game but apparently Microsoft has integrated DRM into Windows 10. That's more gay than 200 homosexuals in a drug orgy.

Second Life - Social MMO [Not playing anymore]

I don't play this game anymore, but I was very excited when I read about it. I imagined that it would be a very social experience and that I'd be able to meet fellow minded people. What I found was that it was empty, and after hanging out at "Angel's Church" for 2 months I met not even a single person. My name was "Miquh2Jounen" and it shows that I was a little loopy when I created my account.

Sid Meier's Beyond Earth -Single player Civilization game [Playing infrequently]

I was so excited when I started play this game. One of the things that really interested me was that the in-game encyclopedia includes real spirit-time ideas, including the "Mind-flower." I posted about this on my blog here and here. I believe that the game is realistic and all the ideas should be taken seriously. My favorite race to play is the Chinese [PAC], because I find myself to be very industrial. I think the game is a little unfair, and I've never seriously won a Civilization game before. But it's fun with a little assistance from my memory editing program."

Lords of Xulima - Single person RPG [Stalled]

I think this game is very intelligent and I've played to about 20% completion. I find it to be difficult to play for long periods of time, but I can see the major quality behind the game itself. I also think the game is too difficult, and I seriously doubt I will complete this game. All of my characters are named after my friends. My favorite is "Mokadom" after Akishiya Moka.

Child of Light - Single person RPG [Stalled]

I believed that this game was spiritually correct when I bought it, and that I might learn more about the soul by playing it. So far, that's not been true. I bought the game on Steam but I had to install Ubisoft's Uplay to play the game. That's seriously dead and I'm very angry about it. Secondly, Uplay did not sync my save games correctly and I lost about 2 hours of play time. This makes me furious. I will only finish the game if I find out it's special in some way.

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