Primary questions for soul masters

  1. How may human bodies are there in the world, and how many human bodies have there been in the history of our civilization?
  2. How many soul-existences are there in the world, and how do I prove that I'm one of them?
  3. What does the pyramid have to do with the human soul and the human species, and are we arranged in a pyramid shape with the soul on top?
  4. Is the Christian God a large soul, or maybe some sort of commonality that all souls have in common?
  5. Can the soul see the future, can it predict violence, can it protect and defend a person against incoming threats by seeing and moving away?
  6. Can the soul see traps in the world, or hidden weapons, or dangerous environments?
  7. Is the soul naturally immortal?
  8. What is the difference of perception between a soul inside a human being, and a soul that resides outside of a human body?
  9. Can the existence of a non-souled person be determined by how much pain they feel, or how powerful their resistance is to stimulus?
  10. Where is it on the Earth that a soul-person is truly at home in, and is welcomed and given wealth and a living?
  11. Is it true that "heaven" can be a place on the Earth, and that a soul can exist inside heaven without a body? Could heaven be a virtual reality inside some sort of temple?
  12. The Golden Dawn has declared that the soul is a "Divine Spark" from Starfire, is it possible that the milky way contains souls, and that we are made of Starfire?
  13. What is the perfect test to determine if a person has a soul?
  14. For those people that have souls but are inside human bodies, what special abilities do they possess that ordinary humans do not?
  15. Is Lucifer good or evil? Is he real or not real? Is Lucifer still an angel, even if he is bad?
  16. Is life itself made from photons and light? Can light be compressed millions of times until it becomes alive?
  17. Are other planets in the Milky Way galaxy populated by life? Is there perhaps a great deal of life in the galaxy?
  18. If the soul exists inside the Milky Way galaxy, how does it overcome the problem of the speed of light?
  19. What representations does the soul have inside popular culture and movies, and who is famous for having a soul?
  20. Is magick real? Is it perhaps the language of the soul?
Please answer by emailing me at . More questions will follow later!

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